Thursday, August 2, 2012

New fall Collection coming soon to Etsy

Fall collection -Not yet listed on Etsy
SalmonnaturalS Jewelery themes.
All New!! Tribal-techno  handcrafted jewelery art made in our new Studio space.

The "Cant resist turquoise necklaces" - 3 necklaces  mix media suede tied elements, turquoise stones, resistors parts wired wrapped around a gold metal ring.

The " Tribal animal bracelets" 3 bracelets a mix of up-cycled jewelery elements.In one a pop of red and silver gun metal wired wrapped onto turquoise. The other a rainbow chain mall, blue reclaimed leather, glass electric blue spikes beaded onto safety pins. Cute anchor clasp.
The last is the wild card of the bunch a bit of vintage rhinestone element twist wrapped with tan reclaimed leather. The clasp is leather on gold ring wrapped with gold metal chain.
The random elements in this bunch are elements to be edited in or out.

My brain is inspired by all thing and everything. Now that I have a space dedicated to creative pursuits. My soul can feast on all that I create. For a brief time my mind goes blank when I am busy creating. Its that zen like aha moment that lets me know everything is just plain living breathing awesomeness.

If your wondering what I edited out of this collection- tassels they might just make a comeback edited then back to unedited- Good times peace!

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