Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I look at my daughter and strangely, as if time has frozen, it suddenly hits me: She’s three. When did she start looking like a little lady rather than a baby? Perhaps it’s right now that she’s begun looking so mature and grown up. Or perhaps it’s happened and I am just noticing it right now. I don’t want to miss anything new in her life; any new experiences both physical and emotional. I know one day she will become a woman with her own life to lead and the best I can do for her then is give her advice and support her dreams. As a parent all I really want is for her to follow her dreams and be happy. I know she will make mistakes and hopefully learn from them, have her heart broken probably more than once and be pressured into doing things she may not want to. All I can do is give her the love, encouragement and support to help her make right decisions that lead her to her Happy Ending. And by Happy Ending I really mean her beginning as a woman in love…
Yeah, I’ve been watching “Once Upon A Time” on CTV (Sundays @ 7!!!) and then AGAIN on Demand throughout the week in anticipation for the next episode. Our lives really are like a story written in a book. Maybe not with witches and fairy godmothers and trolls but one can definitely make parallels with the Fairy Tale creatures to the people in ones life. There’s always a wicked witch or some other form of evil trying to stop you from getting to your Happy Ending. One can also compare the evil creatures in Fairy Tales to real-life struggles and battles, whether emotional or physical, that one must overcome or conquer in order to keep the story going and reaching your goals. I guess that’s why the show appeals to me so much. But the underlying matter is that we all write our own books; we all have control over our own lives. Our outcome is based on the decisions we make and we have the power to change our lives; to make it what we want it to be. We have the power to write our own chapters of our lives. Things don’t always go as we plan but that’s why our book is written in pencil: we can erase the mistakes and make changes.
With all that said…………….. I have dedicated 2012 to me, myself and I. I am going to get my ass in gear and get that Teacher’s Aide job somewhere anywhere but hopefully close by. I am going to have my jewelry line take off into the  sky and beyond the Earth’s atmosphere into the Universe. Oh yeah. It’s BIG time. No more screwing around. I am actually going to try this “schedule” thing. Maybe structure is what I really need. It will happen. And if you stick by to see it happen I don’t think you will be disappointed…
Here’s what’s been up with YOURS ONLY in the last few months via photos (I haven’t blogged in such a long time I could probably write a newspaper. Not just an article, the whole thing):
SHOULDER DUSTERS now @ Fall Down Gallery (288 Bank St. Ottawa).
MEN’S ACCESSORIES now @ Elephant Shoes (1342 Bloor St. West Toronto).
GENUINE LEATHER TASSELS, beaded and wrapped, necklace or keychain. 
I promise I will blog again soon. Besides, this is like therapy for me :)
Love, Weronika XOXO

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