Sunday, August 28, 2011

Play time is Silly

A Silly hobbie making Silly band earrings and adding a funky twist. Its fun for all ages young and old I too love to play with silly bands and this is how I play.

For all those who think this is just too silly here is your how to guide on playing  with silly bands.

Step one embrace your inner child and its playful spirit.
Step two find your playful shapes and run with it. That it step one will lead you where you need to go. A fun and simple piece of rubber can be used to create some interesting designs.

Here is the "Sit up and beg doggie" I love the versatility of the rubber because I am able to move the parts of the earring into new and interesting positions. The doggie can aapear to be begging for a treat or going for walkies giving these pair of earrings a 2D design with a 3D vibes

Doggies Feathers Love rainbows and play time has just begone. You haven't seen nothing yet. I dont know where this love or working silly bands into my jewelery will take me but I am not very worry having too much fun and I am beginning to take the hint that Halloween is on its way as fall draws near. So cheer up and have fun with all the serious issues going on in the world it is always a good think to take a silly break and smile.

xoxo silly band fanatic

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