Sunday, August 26, 2012

Being True to Yourself

Becoming a seller on Etsy was quite an experience especially when I saw how much competition there is.   It seemed like a miracle if anyone saw the items I had listed and I remember being happy just to have one viewer.  I felt lost in an Ocean of thousands of Artists.  Maybe I didn't even know how to swim.  But that wasn't about to stop me.  

I contemplated what I enjoyed doing which differed during any given week.  I tried several different routes and when they didn't work, I decided I had to be true to myself.  The One thing I always liked doing was Painting.  Sure sewing and making jewelry were hobbies, but I really didn't know enough about them to sell my creations.  And my lack of sales just confirmed it.

Painting and Designing I had embraced and learned at a young age because of my family.   People sought after my opinions on both these talents and I remembered what a friend had told me years ago.  She said I could take almost nothing and make it look great.  Hmmmm....  Well if she thought so, who was I to argue?  And so it began.   My quest ~ what to paint and what I would improve and call my own.

I tried to find things that I knew I could improve.  Some were successes and some not.  But it became my obsession and that's why I have such a wide variety of different items in my shop.  Once I embraced my true talents together, my sales started to soar.  I could barely keep up with my orders, and I had never been Happier.  This is the true secret to success ~ getting paid to do what you love!  Which is being true to yourself....

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