Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Plans?

Summer is almost here! That means lots of craft shows and fairs! We at ClayCatShop have been getting ready for a couple of months now, creating, organizing, tagging, pricing, etc.

Do you participate in shows? how far in advance do you start making new things? Do you follow a guide? We had our first show of the season last week, and to our surprise it was a wonderful event even when it was a cold and rainy afternoon!
Next day we were super tired, but very happy and grateful.

Do you have any experiences or handy info you would like to share?

We got our booth banner and table runners printed with they offer amazing quality graphics that will last a life time. You can wash them and iron them after each show so you always look your best! :)

Remember our Matryoshka doll pendants? Back when we won the Top Etsy Shop's contest we were introducing our line of original "Moody Matryoshkas" which are now a great seller, with custom orders and special requests! Bellow you can see our latest designs :)

Copyright © 2011 ClayCatShop. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2011 ClayCatShop. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2011 ClayCatShop. All rights reserved.

As always all our creations are fully customizable. Just email us at  :)
Happy Creative week everybody! :)

Adriana Ayala


  1. Beautiful work! Lovely Matryoshka shaped pendants!

  2. Very nice work Adriana! The skull matryoshkas cracked me up! When is your next show?

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