Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lady V taking over New to Etsy

Welcome to Etsy shop my lady Weronika of :

I want to give this beautiful mother a warm Etsy welcome to Etsy shop we love you xoxo. She a lover of all jewelry and I introduced her to my love of Etsy shop now she is addicted too oh yes mission accomplished.
Dear Bracelet,
You are always so charming. You always know what colors go perfectly together. You alone stand out on my wrist like the sparkling jewel that you are. when grouped with others you adorn my arm like no man can ever do. You are the epitome of conversation when you join me on a girl’s night out. You make me smile. Your charm is like no other.
Love, Weronika xoxo

Brought to you by Leisha - Salmon Naturals a Etsy shop lover.

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