Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cupcake in a Jar

Call it ADD, OCD, or plain ol' neurotic, but something in me is always looking for something "new". New invitations... new crafts... new challenges.

As Valentine's Day approached, this need for NEW lingered in my thoughts endlessly. Although I have a toddler who is not enrolled in a daycare, preschool or anything of the sort, I technically have a "get out of buying something for the teacher in celebration of X holiday" card, but for some strange reason that is totally unexplainable to me, I LONG for these days when I can make such an item.

And so my hubby (bless his heart) was nice enough to let me make something for the girls in his office that he could distribute on Valentine's Day. After much research, I came up with something that met the "cute" and "practical" factor... Cupcakes in a Jar.

How did I make these delectable creations? Easy!

1. I bought and decorated mason jars from a local store.
2. I poured some Valentine's Day inspired sprinkles at the bottom of each jar
3. I baked a dozen chocolate cupcakes with added chocolate morsels in the mix (who said you could ever have enough chocolate?)
4. After they cooled, I removed the liners from the cupcakes and inserted them into the jars. (Verson B of these consisted of two CRUSHED cupcakes in the jar instead of one WHOLE one)
5. I decorated the top of each cupcake using my oh so fancy ziploc method (fill a ziploc bag with frosting and use scissors to cut the tip) and added Valentine's Day inspired sprinkles on the top....

6. And LAST but CERTAINLY not LEAST, I warned/threatened my hubby that if he let the jars slide on the truckride to work, (which would undoubetly result in the smearing of the frosting) HE would be the next thing I stuffed in a jar... LOL.

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and got an idea or two about what amazing thing YOU can create next!

PS. Cupcakes in a Jar are totally customizable to meet your needs and will be available for SALE via my Etsy Store (Seller Name: My Doodlebug Creations). I can add a photo tag, theme tag, etc. ANYTHING that you'd like!!!

Cost (as pictured) is $5 each with a minimum order of 4 please. Message me if you're interested :)


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