Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stephenie Lynch of Arcadia Rose Jewellery Design - Work in Progress 3.

The beginnings of a set of custom Wedding Bands, the fine silver is cut to size and stamped with my initials.
The two bands are formed and ready for soldering. 

After soldering...

After filing and forming on the mandrel. The rings are taken through various grits of emery paper to remove marks and scratches.

The two pieces of wave mokume gane cut.

After measuring the required length around the silver rings, the mokume gane is made into rings.
The mokume bands are soldered and ready for fitting to the silver rings. Scribe lines are marked into the silver rings to place the mokume band correctly. 

After soldering the mokume to the silver rings, there is a lot of cleaning up to be done. 

In these images, the difference can be seen in the appearance of the rings after this has happened.

The finished products listed for sale. If you are interested in placing a custom order for these rings please visit this link:

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