Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Arcadia Rose Jewellery Design - Double Rings - Work in Progress 2 - Mokume Gane Wedding Bands - Stephenie Lynch

Custom Wedding Bands; for this set, the couple wanted different mokume gane bands. The fine silver for the inner ring is cut to size and stamped with my initials. Random pattern mokume gane is cut.
For the second ring a different method is used to create a unique pattern; by forming the outer stripey mokume band from a washer like beginning, the stripes become curves.

The Silver ring, ready for soldering and the mokume gane ready for fitting.

The first ring starting to be formed.
The fine silver cut to size and stamped, the stripey mokume starts to look like a sleeve or collar, the mokume needs regular heating to keep the metal pliable to enable continuous forming. After heating the stripes appear black and white, this is just on the surfaces and is temporarily caused by heating.
After making and soldering the silver band and the stripey mokume is turned into a tube shape. The mokume is then fitted to the outside of the silver ring to enable the double ring to be made.
The same for the first random mokume double ring, the outer is ready to be fitted.

After soldering the two bands together, the ring must now be filed down on the ends, taken through the many grits of emery paper and comfort fitted for both bands.

The two bands completed...

 The finished products ready for sale....
 The finished products ready for sale....

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