Monday, January 17, 2011

Stephenie Lynch of Arcadia Rose Jewellery Design

Stephenie Lynch of Arcadia Rose Jewellery Design makes high quality Mokume Gane and Steampunk Jewellery, with a concentration on Rings, Pendants and Earrings. Mokume Gane, pronounced (moe’-koo-may gah’-nay). Means: "wood-grain metal" or "wood-eye metal". Traditionally made from many layers of Silver, Copper, Shibuichi, Shakudo and other metals, fused together, forged, rolled and worked to achieve patterns resembling wood grain. My interest in the technique is attributed to the infinite variations achieved, the production of these patterns parallels with the ephemerality of life. The Alchemy process that occurs in making Mokume Gane involves new crystals actually growing across the two surfaces to create the bond. These beautiful patterns are reminiscent of the patterns found in nature, it is in this way we are reminded of, and appreciate nature and perhaps our existence in it. My work explores expression of narrative and sentiment, in comparison with nature, through reflection of personal growth and appreciation of aesthetics. 

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