Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Here I Go ...

Here I Go ...

So once the thrill of being selected as a blog contributor wore off a bit and the reality of sunk in, I realized that I was faced with a tremendous problem- what in the world do I write about? Well, I’ve always heard people say it’s best to start at the beginning. So, here is my beginning…

I have been married to my best friend for six amazing years. I am the mother of a toddler boy who at most times is my life’s biggest joy (and at others he makes me want to pull my hair out! Be honest, I’m sure some of you mommies out there can relate). I work as a teacher at a local elementary and I was fortunate enough to be given the position of writing teacher- my oldest passion for as far back as I can remember.

Anywho, while I like to think that I’ve always had a creative side, it really wasn’t until the birth of my son that this “creative side” turned into a hobby. I discovered that I truly enjoyed creating things for children, for parties, and in essence for anything that was a celebration. I began making invitations, then that led to party decorations and now, well, here I am sharing ideas with you. My hopes are that through this blog, you can find ideas to create, decorate, simplify your life and of course to catch a glimpse of the wonderful things that Etsy has to offer on their site.

So here’s a bit of what I’ve done..

I recently was given the opportunity and thrill (since I don’t have girls I have to live vicariously through those who do) to decorate and plan my niece’s fifth birthday party. Her theme was The Little Mermaid.

Here are some shots of the invitations that I made for her party. (You can find these on my Etsy shop as well) and some more pictures of what we used to decorate the event.

1. Balloon Columns: I am fortunate that my hubby (who PS is my biggest cheerleader) works at a company that sells steel. Here, I was able to purchase some steel rods that were mounted on plates to serve as bases for balloon columns that can be used inside or outside. I made the balloon column by tying the end of two aqua balloons together, then the ends of two purple balloons together. I then twisted the four balloons together and twisted them around the rod until it was secure. I kept adding these bunches of four until I reached the top. At the top, I tied these great mylar balloons that I found at balloonmaniacs.com (that measured almost 3 feet) to finish it off.

2. Marshmallow Bowls: I found these bowls and rocks at the Dollar Tree for, well, a dollar. Then I used wooden skewers to assemble kabobs out of these yummy marshmallow flowers (which I bought already shaped and painted) and stuffed them into little cellophane bags. These were the party favors.

3. Tables: A look at what the long tables looked like with costume jewelry scattered about.

4. Marshmallow Treasure Chest: I used those delicious marshmallow kabobs once again and inserted them unto a foam block (from the Dollar Tree) which I then hotglued into an old treasure chest decoration that I had laying around the house.

5. Overall: A look at what the scene looked like from afar.

6. Fishies: My sister in law purchased some little goldfish at Petco and we placed them into little fishbowls that we’d found at, yep, you guessed it, the Dollar Tree. People took these little babies home as a memento of the event.

And that’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed looking and got some great ideas for your next event. If you have any questions as to how I made any of these feel free to send me an email at mydoodlebugcreations@yahoo.com.

Stay tuned for my next blog: A Whale of a Party!

Many Blessings for you and your family,


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