Friday, July 5, 2013

Its always Top Etsy Shop from Salmonnaturals

Always in the studio crafting away our goodies from Handmade Body jewellery to hair glam for the Rasta man the key to our success is staying on Modern on trend Toronto..Check out our Etsy Shop, the fantasy has just begun... wire custom made in delicate, boho, hipster, chic styles to love! 
Some newness for us to share♥

Humbled by all the love making and learning as we go. all this pictures are from past sold items every thing in shop is custom made fresh daily.

Shop using coupon code YAYDEALS16 15% off all my handmade goodies.
Handmade Cartilage Body Jewellery Nose Ear Lip Cuffs, Unique Custom chic teen gifts.

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