Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Giving Thanks!!

Thanks Top Etsy Shops!!!

I have recently discovered that the Facebook Page, TOP ETSY SHOPS, has added Yours Only By Weronika to their list of LIKES! Thank you for the recognition. I think this is a big step considering the page has 4,809 fans and only a handful of other Likes.
Starting an Etsy shop has probably been the smartest idea for getting my collection out there. I’ve only had my website up since this past January and business has been slow, to be honest. This has made me feel a bit discouraged but i haven’t given up and I never will.  I love what I do and to have the opportunity to stay at home with my beautiful daughter and create these pieces of jewelry that I’m so passionate about has definitely been a blessing. I feel so lucky to have the best of both worlds. I make things that I love; that I myself would wear and quite frequently do (advertising strategy). Sometimes things don’t come out the way I envisioned them so I either take them apart or re-invent them into pieces I am satisfied with. I get a slight case of separation anxiety when I do have to part with anything I’ve made, kinda like I get with my daughter, except for the permanent separation part. I really do need to purchase a whole Bead Store to make aaaall my ideas become a reality. But with time, they shall, and in the meantime I can come up with more and more ideas.

Every month on Facebook’s Top Etsy Shops, members get the chance to post a photo of something from their Etsy shop and if your photo gets the most “likes” you win Top Etsy Shop of the Month! So for April I have posted my Kid’s Springtime Fun Charm Bracelet and would like to request for everyone to go here:
and “like” my photo here:

Thanks for everyone’s support and hey, if we don’t succeed this month we shall try again next month!

Love, Weronika xoxo

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