Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Crowning accessories

This is the my first experience contributing to a blog like this. Where do I begin... well lets start from the top.  
Hajimemashite ^_^ (japanese).

Oh the variety and amazing finds that I keep finding is like digging for gold coming up gems . It is awe inducing seeing the  varieties of hair adornments offered on Etsyshops. I wanted one then another. I found myself dizzy accessory sensory overload. once I recovered I decided to write about it bring you my favorite pieces  I need to have in my hair.

From early childhood I have had a  love for hair adornments friend made fun of me called me a bear.This was due to the cute little bobbles wrapped around my hair giving me the look I desired with two puff ball shapes of either side of my hair but a bear I was not. I had to graduate to the next level and leave bobbles behind replacing them with flowers and head bands clips stick oh my.
what ever it may be I like most all Island girls love the flowers behind the ear taking me to my first Estyshops special mention 

Etsy Shop:  Chicallure 

This shop knows how to draw a girl in taking me back to the days I would braid flowers to put in my hair making sure to check for bugs. Well no bugs here and this is just my style which would make a nice addition to earrings I would wear.

  Blog Contributor:  Leisha

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