Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Etsy Shop Tips : Custom Logo Package

Photoshop isn't your thing? Purchase a Custom Logo Package from a Professional. High End Design! Not just clip art.

Etsy has many custom logo packages available.

You may just want to update your store image with a new seasonal banner. A new banner and avatar will enhance the image of your store and increase sales.

Put your shop on the leading edge! This is just what you business needs, its own identity.

Included Designs :
  • Shop Banner
  • Vacation Banner
  • Sale Banner
  • Reserved Listing Picture
  • Thank You Button
  • Avatar
  • Business Card
  • Custom Label Design
Click on the image below.


  1. I have been posting and twitting about Top Etsy Shops!

  2. Thank You DRyan! The Top Etsy Shop drawing for March is today! Good Luck!